Wood vs Iron: What Fence is Best for You?

flowers on wood fence

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Fences are a key security feature in most properties. They allow you to mark the boundaries of your property. They help with keeping out unwanted intrusions as well as provide a structure that’s pleasing to the eyes. Having one installed, however, can take a lot of thought. Between wooden fencing and iron fencing, it may be challenging to decide on what type of fence you want to commit to.

Before getting in touch with a fence contractor, you may want to consider your options. Here’s a quick guide to help you better work with a contractor on what type of fence is best for your property.

flowers on wood fence

Why Get a Fence?

Fences are a great addition to your property. Not only do they add style to your home, but they also have several important functions. 


The primary function of a fencing system is to help prevent unwanted intrusions on your property. Having a fence installed in your home is a great way to boost security. It provides an obstacle against would-be intruders and home invaders. This is extremely important when your property is near an area that is prone to criminal activity. If you live near an area with known wildlife habitats, it can also prevent wild animals from getting on your property and causing damage.

Boundary marking

Having a clear distinction between your property and another person’s provides long-term benefits. Even if your property is small, marking the boundaries of your property is important. Putting a fence around where your property begins and ends helps prevent disputes with your neighbors and potentially expensive legal procedures. Marking your property boundary also helps with planning for construction projects or renovations. Finally, it can give you a clue as to where maintenance begins and ends such as when mowing lawns or trimming trees.


Being able to enjoy your personal activities is one of the major considerations when purchasing a property. Nobody likes to be disturbed in the middle of what they’re doing. It’s also extremely unpleasant to think of someone watching you while spending time with a loved one. You can prevent nosey people from looking in with the right fencing system. It also helps prevent your pets from unnecessarily making noise at people who pass by. This reduces the chances of animal abusers harming your pets out of annoyance or issues with your neighbors.


Installing a fence system can help ensure the safety of your family and pets. This can help prevent them from wandering around your neighborhood or nearby areas that may lead to incidents. It’s important to have a fence installed if your family is fond of outdoor activities. It helps prevent instances of road accidents or abductions. If your pets are aggressive towards strangers, it can also prevent unwanted incidents between them. A fence can also help prevent people from using the amenities on your property without your permission. This becomes important when you own a pool as such intrusions can lead to drowning.

Aesthetic and decorative appeal

Fence systems can also be ornamental, providing a perfect blend of style and function. The more appealing your property, the better the value. A good fence will always be a wise investment, both in terms of added value and the many features that come with it. Your fence is also one of the first things that visitors and passersby might notice when viewing your property. First impressions count for a lot and definitely help with making your property more valuable.

Things to Consider When Picking Fencing Type

When deciding between wood and Iron, there are some factors that you might want to consider.


Depending on your existing architectural design, you will want to pick material that’s compatible with the look you already have or want to achieve. Wood styles can give you some nostalgia and country charm. Iron can seem cold and uninviting but can be shaped into very impressive ornamental structures.


You will want something very sturdy and durable. Wood is prone to rot due to absorbing moisture so it might not be suitable for long-term structures. Iron can rust over time but will otherwise remain durable.


Replacements and repairs can mean additional expenses. Wood can be treated to extend its lifespan and is easily repainted. However, you might find yourself making these replacements often. Iron can be cleaned frequently to remove unsightly rust buildup. It takes very little maintenance unless you add on some paint that can chip off over time.


It’s important to have a fence set up as soon as possible and vulnerabilities patched up quickly. This way your security is not compromised. Putting in a wooden fence can be straightforward and require simple tools to install. Iron may take a bit longer to install and require specialized equipment.

When deciding between wood or iron fence installation, it comes to which needs are important to you. Security is of importance and investing in a good fence will pay off in different ways. Consult with a reliable fence contractor to assess what best suits your property and your home’s needs.

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