Types Of Custom Picture Hanging Systems


Last Updated on October 17, 2021 by Steffi Nell

When you start searching for ways to hang your pictures, you are likely going to find people

Hanging a picture is not about balancing your fine art on a rusty nail. It is about support, functionality, style and highlighting your masterpieces in the best way possible.

But there are so many options. Which type of picture hanging system should you go with? Let’s examine the main categories to help you choose the best picture hanging system for you.

hanging picture frames


Slim, metal rails can be fixed to your wall or ceiling for a slender and contemporary look. There are multiple rail options and styles which can be further customized by choosing your connecting cable type and hook.

This makes this system highly modifiable making it ideal for almost any type of picture. With the cables fastened to the rail, you can easily move the hanging cables to the width and location of your choice.

If you want to hang a picture and then later on reposition it so you can add another, the rail system makes this easy to do. You also have great flexibility with the heights based on where you position the hooks.


Tension systems can be connected either from the floor to the ceiling or from wall to wall. This type of picture hanging system lends itself well to high traffic areas and large displays.

These are often used for showrooms, museums and places where the pictures may be changed around frequently. If you want multiple pictures within the same line vertically or horizontally then a tension system would be ideal. 

Once you choose your tension type you can also select a type of cable/rod and hook that would best hold your picture.


If you don’t want a large hanging system that connects to rails along your walls or ceilings then you have the option to go with a suspension system that connects cables to a single/double point. This can be a single point in your ceiling from which the cable hangs down or you can do something similar to the tensioned system where you can fix it to the floor and ceiling.

This is especially favored for retail use when hanging signs from the ceiling but it can also be a great option for single pieces of fine art in specific predetermined locations.

This is not a highly adjustable system in terms of location but what it does, it does well. The cables can be fixed with hooks, rods or clamps making it able to hold most items.

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