6 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

small kitchen with natural light

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A house is not home until you make it.  The tiny bits here and there that you put in make it unique. This uniqueness is derived from your personality. The design you out in is important to make your stay result to good memories. And the kitchen is where a family’s memories are often born. But making the most out of that tiny space you have there can be challenging. So here are some tips that you can apply on your plans

Use good lighting fixtures.

small kitchen with natural light

Small areas are further minimized by lack of proper lighting.  Remember that dark areas in the kitchen are seen as blank by your eyes which can lead to the perception of a small space.  No, applying proper lighting won’t increase your kitchen’s space but will make it look wider and cozy.  This is enough to create a good perception about the available space.

Pot racks.

Pots require a lot of storage space.  But because these are essential part of any kitchen, you are left with no choice but to have it. This becomes a burden if you have limited kitchen space. To alleviate your situation you can make use of pot racks. This will hang your pots thus affording additional space for you to work on. It will also organize your sets better.

Maximize the use of drawers and shelves.

small kitchen with shelves

Aside from using pot racks, making use of drawers is a boon if you want to maximize your space.  One advantage of utilizing drawers is better housekeeping.  Note that with drawers you can have access to everything inside in one glance. This makes the arrangement of your utensils a lot more organized without sacrificing additional space.

Beware of cabinets.

Cabinets are often seen as an alternative to drawers but if you have a small kitchen, it can work for your disadvantage. The culprit here is the doors.  It swings outwards which eats space each time you open it. This limits your movements which basically makes your kitchen feel smaller.  Also, those handles can get stuck on your clothes making cooking quite a challenge at times.

Design upwards.

small kitchen with white furniture

As you cannot add real estate on your kitchen, it helps that you maximize the wall. Shelving is the key here. Install multiple shelves to organize those kitchen wares. This approach will keep things out of your way when not needed without sacrificing additional space. A disadvantage of this technique is it requires you to use a stool or ladder if you wanted to get something. Still, it’s an efficient system if you want to save space.

Size does matter.

One very effective, in fact among the simplest, way to maximize your kitchen space is to get rid of huge appliances.  Just think about it, these appliances occupy a lot of space in the kitchen. Take for instance your refrigerator. This is among the largest appliances that can be found in the kitchen. And if you have limited kitchen space, choose a smaller one as not to crowd the already limited space you have.

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