Things to Consider in Repainting a Hotel

wall repainting

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If you own a hotel, you want your guests to enjoy their stay so much that they return for future visits. But how can you ensure that they choose your hotel time and time again? It starts with properly maintaining your facility. If it’s been a while since you’ve made updates, consider repainting. Since the lobby makes the first impression on your guests, it makes sense to refresh the paint and decor in this area at a minimum. Then you have to choose the right colors and find a competent commercial painting contractor at the right price.

wall repainting

But what if you need more than touch-ups? While repairing minor paint damage is an option, consider whether complete repainting is what’s needed. 

Do Your Research

If you plan to repaint your entire hotel, take your time to research commercial painting contractors in the area. Carefully go over reviews from past clients, and dig into the company’s background to determine if they have the level of experience that you require. You need the best of the best if you want quality results with the hotel repaint. 

Choose the Right Time

Before you start repainting your hotel, you have to schedule the work to avoid causing extra inconveniences to your hotel guests. See if your contractor can coordinate work to avoid peak times when guests typically check-in or out of the hotel. Also, try to plan the work when high traffic areas like lobbies, hallways, restaurants, lounges, and entertainment areas are less busy. If possible, consider whether your contractor can do the work at night or if it’s best to confine the work to daytime hours. 

Close Off the Work Area

It’s best to close off the work area in sections so that the contractors can repaint without regular foot traffic passing by. Otherwise, when your contractors start repainting your hotel, your guests may pass by the work area, disrupting the workers, end up touching wet paints, or tipping over paint buckets. As well, they may complain about the paint fumes coming from the worksite. By sectioning off work, you can avoid closing down the entire hotel during the painting process.

Use Durable Paint in High Traffic Areas

Give special consideration to high traffic areas. Choose a durable type of paint for your contractors to use to reduce damage from guests touching the walls and other painted surfaces. Otherwise, these areas will wear out and need repainting more frequently. 

Protect Painted Surfaces

Some hotel owners place furniture, decorative pieces, and fire-rated access doors to protect painted surfaces. The less your hotel guests contact painted areas, the less wear and tear you will have. Another way you can protect your painted surfaces is by choosing the paint that will camouflage fingerprints, typically darker colors. You can also consider a high gloss finish to make surfaces easier to clean. 

Consider Your Exterior Walls

Repainting your hotel goes beyond the interior! Don’t forget to have your contractor quote on the exterior surfaces as well. You want the outer surfaces to make a great impression that coordinates with your hotel’s overall aesthetics. Repainting the external surface can be a big job since your contractors will need to scale from top to bottom. Ensure the commercial painting team you hire has the experience and proper equipment to perform this task professionally and safely.

When it’s time to get your hotel repainted, be sure to carefully choose well-qualified commercial painters with lots of experience and a reputation to match! In this way, you can ensure a quality job that will stand the test of time.

And during the repainting process, you may need to install access doors on walls or ceilings. Contact Access Doors and Panels today at 1-800-609-2917 if you need our products.

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