10 Ways on How to Make Bedroom Cozy


The bedroom is one part of the house that needs most of the personal touch.  This area shouts about one’s personality thus inserting decors can be quite daunting.  Keeping the balance between personalization and organization can become cloudy and this can be a challenge.  To make the bedroom cozy and in order, check the following points you should ponder upon.

cozy bedroom

Bedroom paint

This is the most obvious place that will wear your personality. Your wall’s paint color will create that character which can be good or bad depending on your choice.  Choose colors that are aligned with your favorites like food or an activity.  And although you can choose any color you love, it’s a good thing to choose a lighter hue to create a vibrant and cozy environment.

Wall decor

A wall with nothing but paint on it can be quite boring.  To bring some life to it you can opt to put on some decors.  You can choose to hang prints, small artworks, or just your favorite poster. This is a good approach to alter the one-color scheme making your room look much livelier.  But be careful not to overcrowd your wall. Some wall decors tend to occupy a lot of space and this can make your room look a lot crowded than it is.

When choosing artwork, pick the ones that depict calmness and serenity. Avoid bright color artworks that give out high energy such as deep yellow, oranges, and red.

Change your lighting

Changing or adding light in your room can be a good way to enhance its looks.  Also, brighter rooms look more cozy and interesting. Even a simple addition of a bedside light has huge effects.  This is a good way to distribute light and make your room more captivating at first glance. If you want a night of better sleep, use dark colors to achieve deep sleep.

Get rid of the old stuff

There’s a huge chance that your bedroom has a lot of old stuff that you don’t use anymore. For this, you need to declutter and check the stuff you have especially the ones in your closet. Old clothes or dresses that you don’t use anymore will only make your dresser look crowded which can affect your room’s overall appearance.  Also, take out that side table if you don’t use it.  You may also want to check your bags.  Women are especially guilty over this as they tend to collect it than barely use it. Try to reduce the clutter.

Rearrange the furniture

Furniture is important for any room.  But if you have a multitude of it in your room, it can make it look very tight. For that, rearrange them in a way that they won’t look cluttered.  Remember that decluttering is a good way to enhance your room’s appearance by giving you more space to insert more style into it.

himalayan salt lamp in a bedroom

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Although it doesn’t have an approved therapeutic claim, the light from this lamp makes one doze off and not to mention that it dims the room that adds privacy and mystery.

Put  an accent wall

If you’re not fond of wall decors then an accent wall can work for you. This can be another wall but with a different paint than the rest of the room or you can add some tiles with elegant patterns on it. This will become your room’s centerpiece.


If you think about shelves the first thing that comes to mind is books and some other stuff. But shelves are a good alternative to showcase your room decors.  You can put artwork or a picture frame here pretty easily.  Also, this can be a good place for some of your collection if that’s your thing.

Pillows and cushion cover

Although most people don’t see this as decor your bed can actually be a good centerpiece of your bedroom. This is the furniture that requires more space thus making it as an artwork is a good choice.  To bring new life to your bed throw in some new pillows and put on some new cushion covers. This will elevate your bedroom’s appearance without the need for too much effort.

Comfy Rugs

Who doesn’t want some fluffiness in their feet right before they lie down to their bed? Adding a rug to your bedroom will not only make it cozier but it will add elegance to the room.

Final words

If you want to make your bedroom cozy, try the things mentioned above. Always remember when it comes to the bedroom, less is more.

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