How to Keep Your Pipes Clean


When it comes to home maintenance, keeping your plumbing system in order is one of the most important things you can do. Burst pipes and major leaks can cause you a great deal of trouble so if you don’t want to call a plumber every week and lose both time and nerves, as well as your money, you would be much better off sticking with regular, relatively simple maintenance. So check out these simple tricks for keeping your pipes healthy and functional.

1. Prevention

If you want to prevent disasters from occurring, logically, you will need to take preventive measures. From time to time, you should inspect the fixtures and check if everything is working properly so you could take proper action if anything gets out of order.

Changing bad habits like throwing big chunks of waste in the sink is essential in the long-term. Rather, you could throw the big chunks into a special garbage bin and dispose of it in your local organic waste container. Not only will you preserve your pipes, you will also introduce some benefit to the environment as well.

Accidents sometimes occur at the worst possible time, for example, when you are not around. If going out of town for a prolonged period, especially during winter, it would be best to shut down the main water valve. Pipe leaks or even worse, burst pipes caused by extremely low temperatures can wreak havoc in your home. By shutting down the main valve will you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

2. Home-made solutions

In most cases, accumulated grease is the main culprit behind clogged drains. Fortunately, there are several ways you can degrease your pipes and sometimes there is no need to spend money on expensive maintenance products as you can use what you have at your disposal at home.

One simple fix for preventing clogging is to pour hot water mixed with baking soda into the drains from time to time. The water and soda solution will take away the dirt and high temperature should help in degreasing so that the pipes can flow well.

Another method for degreasing is to use organic drain cleaners. By using bacteria and enzymes, these cleaners literally eat the grease away and whatever residue may lie in the pipes. It is a highly efficient and eco-friendly way of dealing with blockages. But the job for bacteria is not finished the moment they unblock the drains; they remain in the pipes and eat whatever new organic material comes through the pipes and therefore keep it neat and clean.

3. Regular maintenance

Plumbing is not something you should save on. Research has shown that most of plumbing accidents happen because the fixtures were of bad quality. So make sure to purchase good quality elements and consider it as an investment into future. It will pay off eventually.

No matter how much care you put into maintaining your pipes, sometimes things just get out of hand. Before you find yourself in an emergency situation like having to deal with a burst pipe it would be wise to have an emergency plumber’s number handy somewhere, should the need for it arise.

Final Words

Hopefully you will find the information in this article useful and apply it to your everyday use. Just remember that you should always strive to minimize the chances of a breakdown with regular maintenance and your pipes should be fine for a long time.

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