12 Tips on How to Cool Down a Room Without an Air Conditioner


We all love the cooling atmosphere inside our home to keep us chilled and fresh during summers. Usually, things become hot if the outside temperature rises. This could make you uncomfortable, uneasy, irritated, and may also affect your sleep after a tiring day. If you own a lot of money then, of course, a full air conditioning system inside your houses might work. 

However, if you want a less expensive and faster means of cooling your room, then you have arrived at the right place. Here, you will learn all the different methods to do that. 

1. Close the windows: 

The best way to keep your room cool during the day is by preventing the sun rays to enter your house through the windows. Just use the blinds on your windows, that would be enough to just do the work. However, it depends on you if whether you want some light and wants them just halfway closed or a complete blackout creating a darker atmosphere. This is your personal choice as to how you want it to be. 

2. Fan and some ice: 

It’s a very traditional trick that was used by various people to obtain cooler environments when there were no air conditioning systems. In this trick, they used to keep ice cubes in a bowl large enough to sustain for a long time and then would place it at a place where the fan’s air would directly blow across it. This method gives satisfactory results to obtain misty yet cool breeze on summer days. 

3. Ceiling fans also do the work: 

Ceiling fans are also very helpful as it keeps the air continuously moving that keeps your home cool down faster. Moreover, most ceiling fans have this feature that you can rotate them counter-clockwise as well. This method makes it more easier and quicker to keep your room cooled down in the heating summer. 

4. Keep your doors closed: 

Even if your windows are closed but the doors are opened, the heat would still remain very much the same. The reason is, heat travels as much as it travels through the windows. In short, as much the light enters inside your place, that much will be the heat. So, just bear with the darkness for some time and enjoy the naturally cooling atmosphere within your house. 

5. Exhaust fans could be of great help: 

Most houses, at least in today’s time comprise exhaust fans in their kitchen as well as the bathroom. If you have them, then make sure to use them. It might seem weird to you if this will work right? Trust me, it throws the heat out of your room just like it throws those cooking steams right out of your kitchen. 

6. Use cotton sheets for your bed: 

Materials other than cotton are mostly very thick or thin or have something really uncomfortable about them that can’t be used as bed sheets. But, this factor becomes more important during summers. So, try using cotton sheets rather than anything else as it allows you to breathe, gives you the required comfort, and doesn’t make it too hot either as it’s quite light. Moreover, lighter-colored sheets would make you feel cooler just by looking at them. So, try that as well. 

7. Cook at cooler times of the day: 

Yes, this one too! Don’t be shocked, but cooking your meals in the morning when there is no sun shining over the head and the same in the evening when the sun has settled down. Just making these small changes in your schedule could change the temperature of your house for the whole day. It’s called strategical cooking to get the strategic cooling. 

8. Open and close the windows appropriately: 

It’s one thing that is very easy and comes naturally to many people even without mentioning it. But, still, if you might have forgotten, I am here to remind you. Try opening your windows, when the breeze is cooler that is usually in the morning and during the nights. Also, remember to keep them closed during afternoon time along with blinds to keep this atmosphere inside throughout the day. 

9. Use bulbs that are energy efficient: 

Light is necessary. But, along with that it also radiates energy in the form of heat. Don’t worry though, as I have a solution for that. Just use some energy-efficient bulbs this summer; they will give you proper light by emitting less heat. It will keep your inner atmosphere a lot more cooler than before. After all, every small change counts. 

10. Take care of the electronics: 

As we are proceeding day by day more towards digitalization, electronics have become of utmost importance. However, they also emit a lot of heat, which does make an impact. So remember to plug out all those devices, whenever not in use. Doing this will surely reduce the surrounding temperature. 

11. Freeze those hot water bags: 

Sometimes, the heat is too much that you feel hot even after doing everything for your surrounding. In such times, just freeze your hot water bag and keep it right under your legs while laying down or going to sleep. This will provide a huge relief. 

12. A cold shower: 

If you are in moderately warm temperatures, where summer still feels hot to you. Then, cold showers can be a rescue and provide you instant relief from all that sweat and irritating high temperatures. 

Final Words:

These were some of the different ways by which you can keep your home cool even when surrounding temperatures are high. So just keep following some of these tips and your summer will go just like that. Moreover, other tips would involve, focusing on yourself. Remember to drink hydrating cool drinks, healthy fruits, wear light clothes, sleep on a wet mattress if it gets too hot, eat light food, and be relaxed no matter what, and you are good to go. 

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