Remodel Your Bathroom to be Child-Friendly

child-friendly bathroom

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Are you tired of having to put your child in the bathroom while you shower because they are too restless and causing a disruption? Are you looking to change up your bathroom for better function or perhaps because it’s old and falling apart? Do you need to hire bathroom remodeling services?

child-friendly bathroom

Whatever the reason, here are 10 ways that will make your bathroom child-friendly.

  1. Install all new flooring – While tiles may be easier on the pocketbook, they can get pretty slick when wet (and who pees where they should?) Smaller rugs can help babies/toddlers from slipping but accidents happen so wood floors are much safer. Also, if a baby is crawling around on the floor he could cut himself on any jagged edges or corners of tile sticking out.
  1. Install a low threshold shower stall – Even if you think your child won’t use it, take this one step further and make the opening of the stall even lower than standard height. This way, children can easily get in and out themselves (no more “lifting” them over high thresholds)
  1. Add wall niches to house shampoos/soap – Kids are always getting into things they shouldn’t be so provide storage that is safe for them. If they can’t reach it then no problem but when needed there is no need to worry about what will happen if they do.
  1. Use adhesive/decorative wall tiles instead of floor tiles – As much as smooth shiny tile floors are great, kids won’t sit still long enough for them to dry. This can be a huge problem when it comes time for little ones to stand on the tile once they are all dried up and ready for action.
  1. Install grab bars – If you have an old house/apartment chances are pretty good there is not much in the way of grab bars anywhere. Kids should always be supervised so if you need help reaching something, please do yourself (and your child) a favor and install some sturdy ones. They aren’t just for senior citizens after all!
  1. Set out rubber bath mats alongside standard bath mats – These are great for preventing falls but their main purpose is noise dampening. Remember taking showers as a kid and how nice it was to step out of the tub and onto a nice squishy mat instead of concrete. Kids need that same relief after getting all cleaned up.
  1. Avoid toxic cleaning products – Pretty obvious why this one’s important but sometimes we don’t think about it. If your child decides to take a drink from the toilet he/she could potentially be exposed to chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals found in cleaners meant for bathrooms.
  1. Keep soap scum remover handy – Kids love putting everything they find into their mouths so always keep something on hand to clean off any spills or smudges they leave behind before you slip and fall (and break every bone in your body).
  1. Install child-proof locks – If you have a bathroom door that opens inwards then kids can easily get locked inside. This would not be good if there was an emergency and the only way out was blocked by little Jimmy who doesn’t know how to use the handle. Or worse yet, he could fall into the bathtub while no one is around preventing him from getting out on his own when he needs to use the bathroom.
  1. Put up anti-slip decals in tubs – Never mind the sharks… baby steps to water safety!

I hope these tips will help make your bathroom the place you want to be again. Safely remodel it today and call any one of the professionals on this list for help! There are many bathroom remodel companies that can help you.

Do You Need to Call the Bathroom Remodel Services?

You could probably handle it yourself but unless you’re a pro then you would rent out the equipment needed and hire a professional. They know best how to use these tools safely while still providing the quality service expected.

Before you hire bathroom remodeling experts While there are countless other tips and tricks for making a bathroom child-friendly here are some other things that might come in handy:

  • Keep a plunger on hand at all times just in case a little one misses the bowl!
  • If your toilet is leaking, consider switching to a tankless type. It’s much easier for kids to flush themselves because the tank lever won’t hold them back.
  • If you have a standard height toilet, a step stool is always nice for those tough to reach places. Also, make sure your child is tall enough before letting them go on their own as they could easily fall in and hurt themselves.
  • If the little one insists on playing with the faucet make sure it’s set to “warm” only as anything hotter could burn them (or worse yet – cause an accident).
  • If you find yourself stuck or running out of ideas for how to remodel your bathroom please call any local bathroom remodel contractors around your home. They are there to help!

More Sound Advice in Keeping Your Bathroom Safe for Children

Get a Waterproof or Slip-Resistant Rug

This is especially useful when little ones are learning how to potty train themselves and don’t quite understand what “Don’t Stand Here!” means yet. They’ll be less likely to attempt to go anywhere near the wet area if there’s something soft beneath them. Just be sure that whatever you get also dries quickly so it doesn’t start to smell.

Read the Bathtub Instructions Carefully

There are all kinds of materials out there that, while safe for babies and children may be damaged if you drop a blow dryer or full shampoo bottle into them! Make sure you read the labels on your tub before letting your kids play.

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Make Sure They Can Reach Their Toys

The ability to pick up an item is invaluable for kids who are learning how to clean up after themselves without being told over and over again (although that’s not necessarily a bad thing). If they can’t reach something then they’ll just end up using something else as a toy instead which will always leave your bathroom looking like a war zone.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

It seems so simple, but if you keep your bathroom clean then there is no reason for a child to be in there without a parent. Make sure everything is put away and leave only what is necessary out when it’s just you running around in your bare feet.

Get the Appropriate Supplies

Instead of constantly buying different kinds of shampoo, soap, or lotion, buy whatever kind is most common with lots of refill packs on hand for when things get used up. Keep the mess down by keeping them in bottles with twist-on lids instead of pumps that can easily be pushed accidentally.

Last but not least is this final piece of advice: never install a glass door in a bathroom. Unless you want them hanging in front of it while they go potty, it’s best to buy something with clear plastic instead. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact a bathroom renovation contractor.

In conclusion, these are just some of the many ways you can remodel your bathroom so that it’ll be child-friendly again. They’re all fairly simple changes that don’t require too much effort or money!

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