Why Brentwood, California Is a Great Place to Call Home

brentwood california sunset

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Part of Oakland, Brentwood represents a suburb that is home to almost 62,000 people. Located in Contra Costa County, Brentwood conveys a small-town suburban feel and quiet living conditions. That is what motivates most people to own their homes in this California community. With its many parks and highly rated public schools, Brentwood attracts plenty of families.

brentwood california sunset

According to Brentwood real estate agent professionals, the median home value in Brentwood is around $580,000, compared to the national average of $217,500. Median rental prices are about $2,156 monthly compared to the average U.S. rental price of $1,062. About 77% of Brentwood residents live in their own homes while the remaining percentage rent. Brentwood ranks 120 out of 524 suburbs for its diversity.

So, if you are looking for a great real estate opportunity, you won’t be disappointed by searching the market in Brentwood. Plus, Brentwood is close to some major California destinations, including San Francisco, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite National Park.

Brentwood History

An early settler to California, John Marsh, first bought land where Brentwood now stands in 1837. Marsh was the area’s first college-trained doctor. He purchased land in the locale with his life savings of $500, becoming the first white person to settle in Contra Costa County. However, he got embroiled in a land dispute over his ranch with Mexico.

This event sparked Marsh to send letters back east about emigrating to the West, which led to more settlement. In fact, Brentwood was one of destinations that was part  of the California Trail. Marsh also helped California to reach statehood in 1850.

For almost 150 years, the community was primarily rural. Today, Brentwood is surrounded by the Contra Costa County Agricultural Core, 11,000 protected acres of farmland known for its cultivation of peaches, cherries, and corn.

Do You Like to Kayak?

Not only is Brentwood close to farms, it also is near bodies of water. If you want to experience a freshwater adventure, come to Brentwood to live, as it is close to the Sacramento and San Joaquin RIvers and the related bays and inlets. Some of the popular water sports include:

  • Windsurfing and kiteboarding, both which are accompanied by the area’s Delta Breeze;
  • Salmon, striped bass, sturgeon, and steelhead fishing;
  • Boating; and
  • Kayaking.

Besides water sports, you can also enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping. The Delta area, near Brentwood, is home to over a dozen endangered species. Therefore, nature watching is another pastime, as is photography.

Upscale and inviting, Brentwood is a great place to call home in California. If you are searching for upscale properties, you might check out the real estate here first.

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