Looking for the best patio trees to give life to your patio? Basically you want small trees that don’t get too tall and yet have thick carpets of leaves on their branches. Trees ideal for a patio need two requirements. First is that whatever trees you choose need to be manageable and small enough so they don’t interfere with your house. The next factor to consider is how much shade the trees provide for you and your guests sitting outdoors during the summer. Here are some of the best patio trees to enjoy as you sit outside and enjoy nature in your own backyard.

Japanese Maple

Japanese maple is one of the best patio trees that you can have in your house. These trees are hardy and have brilliant red leaves in the fall when they shed their plumage. There are over 400 different varieties from which to choose, but you will want a tree that maxes out at around thirty feet tall.

Wide leaves and lightweight branches make it an ideal choice for patios. Their wonderful colored leaves in the fall make Japanese maples beautiful even in dormancy. Generally, Japanese maple trees are good for Hardiness Zones five through 8.

Eastern Redbud

The eastern redbud tree has lovely red and pink buds and large, heart shaped leaves. Branches ascend from the trunk so any interference with any nearby structures will be minimal. Native to the eastern United States, they grow to about twenty feet high and thirty feet wide.

If you plant a redbud closer to the house you may have to prune some branches as it spreads. If you can plant it ten to fifteen feet away from the house it should be fine as the longest branches will come close. The redbud is good for Zones four through nine.

Grape Myrtle

A grape myrtle tree is one of the smaller varieties of myrtle and grows to about thirty feet and almost acts like a bush. Brilliant pink blooms in summer make the tree even thicker than the leaves already on it and provide a splash of color while you cool off in the shade.

Myrtle trees do better in warmer climates such as Hardiness Zone 7 through 9. You may need to prune some of the branches if they get too close to the house when the tree spreads out so plant it far enough away.


Dogwood trees are excellent trees to have around your patio for any season. They grow to twenty to thirty feet tall and have color in the spring with their flowers and summer with their berries. The fall brings red leaves that carpet your patio.

Dogwoods thrive all over the United States in Hardiness Zones two through eight depending upon what species you get. Add some color all season long with a flowering dogwood and you won’t be disappointed.


Hawthorne trees grow up to twenty feet high and have thick leaves and many branches that grow upwards like a bush or shrub. Hawthorne is a great tree to have for a border or thick growth to entirely block the sun on one side of your patio.

Berries will also be prominent on the plant after the flowers are done and you will have season-long enjoyment of this tree. Hawthorne trees grow rapidly and exist in many different Hardiness Zones in North America.

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Small trees on patios or decks can provide shade for your family as well as natural focal points it also adds frame views, bear fruit and most importantly privacy. To find the best patio trees consider the trees’ mature width and height, is the trees roots tend to lift up or crack the pavement? Will you plant it on a container or in the ground? Location where should you plant it. This is important as to not able to obstruct power lines or damage your neighbors house as the tree grows.

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