Choosing the Best Flooring for Basement – 5 Options You Need to Consider


If you want to give your basement an attractive look then choose the best flooring for basement. There are many flooring options available and if you choose the best flooring options then it will an advantage for you only.

Best flooring for basement options


of all flooring options this option is one of the cheapest options you can choose. This is the best option if you want to cover large are. If your apartment has a cold basement then carpeting is a very suitable option. If you choose carpet then it will make your room basement look luxurious and cozy. For flooring your basement stairs the safest option is carpet because it provides more traction than hard surfaces.


It is one of the most affordable options.
It will give you more warmth and comfort.
It will work efficiently in uneven sub-floors.

x It is not suitable in areas that have high moisture.
x As compared to other options it wears out quicker.
x It can be harmed due to soiling.

Sheet Vinyl

If you want a hard surface in your budget then this option is best. This is more costly than carpet but in the range of hard surface tiles, this is an affordable option. It comes in a huge variety of patterns and more often comes in one big piece so you need to carefully measure your basement floor to fit it effectively. You should not try to fit this tile to your floor alone because this comes in big pieces so if     your measurement goes wrong then the whole flooring will also go wrong so always try to choose professional people for this work.


As compared to other hard surfaces this is more warm and soft.
It is inexpensive than other hard surface options.

x It needs installation from experts.
x Best suited only in smooth sub-floor.
x It looks less high-end.

Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles

It gives a more high-end look and is also called an engineered vinyl plank. In terms of installation, it is the same as laminate floors, and if you have the right sub-floor then you can do the installation process alone. If you have a ride sub-floor then this option is not a good choice because it won’t work well. It is a type of floating floor this simply means that you don’t need to take any tension about gluing or nailing them down. They have tongues and grooves when helps in snapping them together very easily from board to board.


Great durability.
Give luxurious look and feel

x Best suited only on smooth floors.
x More costly than sheet vinyl.
x It requires a vapor barrier sometimes.

Engineered hardwood

Engineered hardwood is comprises several layers of wood that are compacted tightly together. It is designed with the layers perpendicular to one another so that it can minimize the expansion and contraction that the wood undergoes. You can easily install it on a floor that is concrete in nature with glue, or you can also float them. It is effective only on sub-floor which are smooth because if your floor is uneven then the planks will start to pull away. If you choose this option then it will give your basement an attractive look.


It gives an extremely high-end look.
It will also boost up your home value.

x Waterproof but not completely
x Suitable only on smooth sub-floors.


If you are looking for a waterproof option then this is one of the best choices. It has great durability and also offers ease in cleaning. Modern tiles come in traditional squares which give classic look to your basement. Tile planks are also available but they will retain all the benefits of tiles and will give the look of wood planks.


Have extreme durability.
Gives value to your home.

x Expensive than other options.
x Cold and hard.
x Suitable only on significant sub-floor

Things to avoid in choosing basement flooring

There are some other options also available for flooring the basement of your apartment but then aren’t the best choice you can make. This will be clear with the details about below available options for flooring:

  • Cork Flooring – though it has a soft feel and eco-friendly qualities it will not suit many areas of your home. When it comes to sealing the edges of a cork floor then it is a very difficult job. Even if the overall floor is resistant to moisture then also it will create a problem and will easily crop up around the rim of your sub-floor.
  • Bamboo Flooring – though it is the cheapest option you will also get the quality like that only. It can easily get scratches, dents and is not at all suitable for floors if you have regular use. It is also not resistant to moisture.
  • Solid Hardwood Flooring – though it will give your basement a beautiful look it is not resistant to moisture and with the temperature change, it will buckle a hardwood basement floor.

Advantages of picking the best flooring for basement

  • Excellent look to your floor – when you choose the best flooring option for your basement then it will give your floor an attractive look.
  • Durability – you don’t have to spend again and again the one you do flooring for your basement. if you choose cheap flooring options then you need to spend your money again and again on repairing it.
  • Great investment – if you opt for the best flooring then it is only a one-time investment for you. You don’t need to worry about repairing your floor again and again.
  • Premium quality – best flooring options will always offer your premium quality. Whenever when someone will visit your house they will be mesmerized by your basement and this will in turn boost up the value of your house.

Final Words

Basement is a part of your house, so choosing the best flooring for it is worth your investment. Remember, always chose the flooring option keeping your budget and the design of your house in mind.

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